Tree & Stump Removal company Essex county New Jersey
Tree & Stump Removal
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Finding a tree and stump removal company in Essex, Bergen, Morris, Hudson, and Passaic county that’s experienced in tree and stump removal is important for a variety of reasons.  Having the right equipment is essential in the tree industry.  Dujets Tree Experts serves you with 40' & 150' cranes, 65' bucket trucks, 12" brush chippers to 24" whole tree chippers.  We also have small portable stump grinders for those though backyard stumps or large tow behind units capable of grinding a stump out completely, 24" below grade.  Dujets Tree Experts also serves you with experienced climbers who regularly compete in NJ tree climbing competitions.

You want to be sure that the company bidding on your tree or stump removal project can handle your job safely without any property damage.

Dujets Tree Experts has over 50 years of tree removal and stump grinding experience.  Dujets Tree Experts has all the state of the art tree and stump removal equipment to remove your trees and stumps safely and cost effectively.  We have large scale equipment to handle even the largest trees.  No job is too big…or too small.  Please ask for our list of satisfied customers.  Click the Facebook link on the homepage to see our latest tree removal and stump grinding pictures.  "Like" us if you're impressed with what you see. 


Dujets Tree Experts is fully licensed and insured.   We have complete workmen's compensation insurance and bodily injury liability of $5,000,000/$5,000,000 with additional property damage liability coverage of $1,000,000 and virtually unlimited coverage for specific, extremely dangerous jobs.

Tree Removal by an insured company is essential  because tree work is one of the most dangerous occupations. ASK FOR PROOF OF INSURANCE.   Remember, if the men working on your property are  not insured, you are responsible for any injury to them or others. YOU PAY ALL THEIR MEDICAL NEEDS.  If you have any doubt with the above, check with your insurance agent.


Cost-Get other estimates.  This is the only way you can know the best price for your job. A tree in an open field can cost $100 to remove.  This same tree next to a house may cost you three times as much!  Find out before you hire a tree removal company.  Dujets Tree Experts  is experienced and fully insured and we guarantee to provide you with prompt, courteous and clean service with the price and VALUE that can’t be beat!